It’s the Logbook app that you’ve been waiting for…

How would you like a vehicle logbook, which automatically records when your trip was taken, how far you went and where you went? All you have to do is tell it if it was a business or personal trip and it takes care of the rest.

LogbookMe - Vehicle Logbook Website & Apps

How is it done?

LogbookMe gets help from a handy little GPS enabled device, which easily plugs into your car and sends the data in real-time from your vehicle to your LogbookMe account.

Access your trip logbook and other useful reports on any device using the website or smartphone apps.

Watch the demo video below or find out more about the device and installation

LogbookMe GPS Device


Combining GPS data with vehicle diagnostics we get accurate mileage with little or no variance to your odometer.


Set & Forget

Once you install our device, all you have to do is start driving. Our device is compatible with most production vehicles built after 1996.


Easy Logging

There are only 2 steps to logging a trip. Classify business or personal use and add or review the description.


Calendar Integration

Integrate your calendar on our smartphone apps to be reminded of the purpose of your trip. We’ll even automatically add the meeting name as the description for you.


Access Anywhere

LogbookMe is a cloud based platform, which means your information is always available online and on any device.

All Your Trips

Conveniently view all your trips in one place, business, personal or waiting to be classified. Trips appear on your dashboard in real-time, no downloading necessary.


Keep Track

Our handy dashboard shows your current business usage percentage and days remaining to log. You can also set your own targets and track how you’re going.


Useful Reporting

At the end of your logbook period, simply download your logbook report in PDF or get the raw data in CSV. Different reports are available for business use % or expense claim deductions.

Smartphone Apps

LogbookMe is available on the web, on iOS & Android compatible smartphones or tablets and on any mobile browser.

ATO & IRD Compliant

Our product and process has been approved by both the Australian Taxation Office and New Zealand Inland Revenue Department. (CR2014/27) (BR PRD 17/02)


Fleet Ready

Whether your fleet is 5 cars or 5,000, manage and optimise your fleet using our specially designed tools and modules for fleets. Take a closer look at our Fleet Management Solution.


Help is only an email or chat away. Get help on installing your device or managing your logbook.

Smartphone Apps

Apps are available for iPhone & Android to make managing your logbook easy. Our calendar integration tool automatically fills trip descriptions from matching events in your calendar.

There’s also a ‘Track my Vehicle’ feature, which can be used to locate your car in any situation where you may simply have forgotten where you parked or in extreme cases where your vehicle has been stolen.

Available on the App Store Android App on Google Play

Logbook Apps

LogbookMe Sample Reports


Our reports give you exactly what you need with no fuss. In fact we do all the hard work for you and give you all the important information summarised on the first page. This is followed by a full trip log if you need it. There a few different reports used for different purposes which you can view samples of below, all of which give you an option to protect the details of your personal trips.

Business Use Percentage Report
The most commonly used report. Get your business use percentage used in the operating cost method formula for purposes of FBT.

Work Related Car Expense Claim Report
Use this report to claim work related car expenses in your Individual Income Tax Return at section D1 using the cents per kilometre method.

Employer Expense Claim Report
Use this report for claiming cents per kilometre car expenses directly from your employer for eligible work related travel.

Raw Data Export
Choose your own date range and export a complete log of all your trips in CSV format.

Your Privacy

We know privacy is a concern with the emerging use of technology in all areas of our life especially if your vehicle is being used for both work and personal.
We give you the option to create reports without any personal trip information shown which you can give to your accountant or fleet manager.
If you’re part of a fleet, your fleet manager or employer will not be able to see any of your personal trips when creating reports or managing the fleet.
Your data is stored safely and securely using our private network of Australian servers.