Take control of your Fleet

With your fleet running the LogbookMe fleet management solution we gather the intelligence to optimise your fleet, track driving behaviour and deliver you real cost savings through reducing tax liability, operating cost and fleet administration.
Get reliable, accurate data in real-time and a range of relevant and useful reports.

Delivering Tax Savings

The LogbookMe Tax Savings modules provide a new level of data and reporting to enable the use of actual figures when calculating taxation on cars, car parking and fuel tax credits.

Majority of employers make conservative estimates (due to administrative burden of using actuals) when calculating tax liabilities which results in tax being overpaid. LogbookMe delivers substantial taxation cost savings to employers.

You’ll need these modules:

Tax Logbook
Driver friendly tax logbook to record business usage percentage on fleet to support operating cost method. Works for both assigned cars and pool cars.
Fuel Tax Credit
Actual fuel tax credit reporting based on road usage or geo-fencing on your site or project.
Car Parking Register
Reduce the FBT cost of Employee Parking by monitoring employee car park usage and reporting on whether a FBT liability exists.

Increasing Fleet Efficiency

The LogbookMe Fleet Management modules give clients a new level of visibility on the fleet allowing for proactive management.

Fleet managers can see live odometer readings on all cars within the fleet to proactively manage repairs, maintenance, excess mileage and residual values. A vehicle locator is also available to locate cars on demand for both drivers and fleet managers.

You’ll need these modules:

Vehicle Location
Available on demand to assist in managing and locating fleet assets. Fleet managers have a new visibility of their fleet in real time.
Odometer Reading
Live vehicle odometer readings are available to give fleet managers visibility on actual vehicle mileage whilst vehicles are out in the field.

Reducing Fleet Costs

The LogbookMe Fleet Optimisation & Utilisation modules give clients a new level of visibility on how and when the fleet is used. Fleet managers can see vehicle usage and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Break down your data how you want to by setting up custom categories such as regional centres, business units or teams.

You’ll need these modules:

Fleet Optimisation
Fleet managers can view analytical fleet data filtered based on period or custom parameters to report on usage across the fleet. See an hour by hour breakdown of utilisation to identify trends and inefficiencies across the fleet.

Managing Driver Safety

The LogbookMe Driver Safety module give clients a new level of visibility on how the fleet is driven. Rich reporting and alerts on speeding, braking, acceleration, hard cornering and possible impacts as well as policy driven events such as driving time and breaks. Specific vehicles and drivers can be identified giving proactive visibility to:

  • Educate drivers on safe driving
  • Produce reporting on driver performance
  • Manage branded cars in the field
  • Proactively monitor for anticipated repairs and maintenance
  • Manage increased operating costs

You’ll need these modules:

Driver Safety
Driver scorecard to help educate and improve driving whilst lowering operating expenses.

Privacy Concerns

We also realise that privacy is a major concern for employees when dealing with telematics solutions. In the LogbookMe solution, drivers’ personal trip purposes are protected whilst still providing accurate reporting on mileage and utilisation. Some modules do require consent from the driver in order to be implemented. View our Privacy Page