What is LogbookMe?

LogbookMe is a cloud-based online platform for fleets, which connects your fleet cars with a clever GPS device that transmits data in real time. We then use that to deliver user friendly fleet-wide reporting to help you make intelligent data-driven decisions and actionable insights for your fleet.

Pick and choose from any of our modules depending on your requirements

Tax Logbooks

Driver friendly tax logbook to record business usage on cars.
ATO Approved: CR2014/27
IRD Approved: BR PRD 17/02

Pool Car Booking

Reservations, logbooks, driver ID and reporting on shared pool cars.
ATO Approved: CR2014/27
IRD Approved: BR PRD 17/02

Car Parking Register

Record employee car park usage to support exemption for non-FBT days.
ATO Approved: CR2015/2

Fuel Tax Credit & RUC

Actual fuel tax credit reporting based on road usage on your site or project.
ATO Approved: CR2015/13

Fleet Optimisation

Identify areas for increased fleet optimisation & utilisation.

Driver Safety

Driver scorecards to help educate and improve driving whilst lowering operating expenses.

Odometer Reading

Getting accurate odometer readings from vehicles in real time

Vehicle Location

On demand location and status of vehicles.

View a summary of all the benefits for your Fleet or watch the video below.