Sometimes what you don’t do is just as important as what you do.

At LogbookMe, we realise when it comes to drivers adopting technology it's not just about features, detailed reports and functionality offered. LogbookMe has been specifically developed with some of Australia's largest and smallest organisations. In regards to privacy, we have taken into account the individual needs, perceptions and concerns of executives, managers, other stakeholders, human resources and drivers (and their families).

No Route Tracking

We don’t spy on you as you drive so rest assured we don’t record the way you drove home including any routes or turn by turn data.

Privacy Mode

LogbookMe doesn’t show anyone (except the driver) ‘unclassified’ or ‘private’ trip attributes such as time of trip and location. Only trips classified as ‘business’ have trip attributes shown.

Data Stored Securely in Australia

All your data is stored by market leading, trusted Australian servers located on the east coast. Nothing offshore, everything secure.

Authorised Access

LogbookMe has different access levels within your organisation to ensure only those authorised can view certain types of data.

Locator On Demand Only

Sometimes your car might need to be found so LogbookMe lets selected managers in line with privacy policies locate individual cars on demand. Not constant locating, just if its needed (for a legitimate reason) with an accountable audit trail.

Minimal Data Capture

If a module isn’t enabled, we aren’t collecting data in relation to it. If you only have one module turned on, rest assured we aren’t collecting everything else in the background.

No Connection to Wifi or Bluetooth

The LogbookMe device doesn’t connect to your smartphone via Wifi or Bluetooth so you know everything on your phone is safe (& it’s not using your data or battery).

No Car Interface

LogbookMe captures select data independently without interfacing with the car to keep things simple (for both you and the car).


Speed Ceiling

Rather than recording your every movement (speed, time, date, exact location), we only record when you exceed a set speed ceiling.

Macro Level Reporting

LogbookMe is used as a macro reporting tool allowing fleet managers to see trends and benchmarks.


In-car Telematics and GPS devices have a broad capability and can capture vast amounts of detailed data, but sometimes keeping things simple is the better way. Unlike majority of our competitors, we aren't interested in collecting the maximum amount that can be reported on, it's about targeting specific and reasonable pieces of data that can be harnessed to help organisations (as well as drivers) make life easier.