Tax Logbook for Individual Cars

Take The Hassle Out Of Keeping Logbooks

LogbookMe tax logbook takes the hassle out of completing a tax compliant logbook. All recording of trips is automated and the driver simply classifies trips using a dashboard or smart phone apps.

LogbookMe tax logbook is an ATO approved vehicle logbook. Offering flexible and comprehensive reporting it’s automated trip logging and easy 2-step trip classification making keeping a logbook a breeze.

Tax Logbook for Individual Cars

The Facts

  • Minimal effort for the user
  • All trips logged automatically every time vehicle is driven
  • Instant automatic upload
  • Web dashboard and smartphone apps available
  • Notifications when a trip is completed
  • Simple to use, 2-step trip classification
  • Smartphone Calendar Integration (Auto-fills trip descriptions)
  • ATO approved (CR2014/27)
  • IRD approved (BR PRD 17/02)
  • Maximise tax savings
  • Affordable solution
  • Comprehensive automated reporting
  • Eliminates admin and paper work