Fuel Tax Credits Reporting

Claim a Cash Refund on Fuel Tax Credits

Fuel tax credit is available as a cash refund on the fuel tax (excise and/or customs duties) levied on fuel used for selected business activities. The most common is in instances where vehicles are used in ‘off-road’ activities that are not subject to the fuel tax.

Our Fuel Tax Credit product and process has been approved by the Australian Taxation Office CR2015/13 and has a Patent Pending (AU 2015900650).

The Facts

  • Automated monitoring of fuel tax eligible trips
  • Accurate claims
  • Record of mileage to calculate claim
  • Comprehensive automated aggregated reporting
  • Eliminates admin and paper work
  • Auditable substantiation for the claim
  • Low cost solution to monitor entire fleet
  • Flexible site and project boundaries
  • ATO Class Ruling CR2015/13